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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas

A Yearly Air Conditioning Inspection and Tune-up Has Many Cost Benefits

It’s a hot August day in Pittsburgh. You come from work to find your central air isn’t working. Not cool, right? Both literally and figuratively.

Emergency air conditioner repair can be expensive. Such repairs seem to come out of nowhere. But, the truth is, most cooling system breakdowns can be prevented with some routine air conditioner yearly maintenance.

Spurk HVAC performs a wide range of AC maintenance in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Helping both homeowners and businesses in the region stay cool all summer long.

There are short and long-term monetary benefits to annual air conditioning cleaning and preventative maintenance.

First, let’s look at it from the perspective of lowering your utility bills and saving on repair costs.

Anyone that runs their central air this summer without having it inspected, cleaned, and “tuned-up” is rolling the dice. When temps are at their hottest and most humid, many of us are guilty of running our AC all day and night.

It’s just not good to put your AC right back in that same cycle of high-demand use for another summer without a tune-up.

Without an AC checkup, there’s no telling what parts or components on your air conditioner are wearing down or how badly the coils and condensers need to be cleaned. This means your air conditioner won’t be able to cool your home as efficiently as it should be. An air conditioner that works extra hard to keep you cool and comfortable will spike your electric bill.

It will also inevitably result in a system that fails you, typically on a miserably hot day. This is when it can stop running altogether. Resulting in a call for emergency air conditioning repair that won’t be cheap!

Be proactive. A yearly check-up lets a qualified HVAC technician spot small problem inside your AC that can be addressed before they become bigger more expensive emergency repairs.

Not only do you get some reassurance that your central air has a better chance of getting you through the summer with no hiccups, but you’re also prolonging the lifespan of your AC to maximize your investment!

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

If you want to ensure your air conditioner runs effectively and efficiently all summer long, here is an annual AC maintenance checklist to turn to for guidance. Now, if you’re a DIY spirit, plenty of homeowners can tackle some of this routine maintenance themselves. But much of it is better left to an HVAC professional. Spurk HVAC offers cost-efficient air conditioner maintenance that include:

Cleaning brush and debris from around the outdoor unit
Inspecting the evaporator and condenser coils
Replacing air filters
Checking for loose electrical connections
Lubricating motors and bearings
Checking refrigerant charge and adjusting as needed
Ensuring condensation drain is clear
Taking electrical readings to insure motors and capacitors are within specifications
Assessing overall condition and making recommendations to improve effeciency

When you work with Spurk HVAC, our technicians combine this more routine AC maintenance with an air conditioner tune-up that ensures the unit is in tip-top shape for optimal performance in the summer. Our cooling pros will check your thermostat, air flow, and inspect and evaluate the system’s overall condition; priming it for another summer’s use.


Spurk HVAC is excited to help you spring ahead into summer with our annual air conditioning maintenance and AC tune-ups. Call us today at 724.766.8105 to book your AC maintenance.