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Radiant in-floor heating provides a high level of comfort for many reasons. When your heat the surface below your feet and allow that heated air to naturally rise, you get unmatched comfort that other heating systems cannot compete with.

When paired with a high efficiency boiler you will maximize your comfort and efficiency. Spurk HVAC understands the need for your home to be prepared for the winter months, and in-floor heating may be the solution for you.

How In-Floor Heating Systems Work

With radiant in-floor heating systems, warm water is circulated through plastic tubing in the floor from a boiler or water heater, depending on the size of the area to be heated. Heat is transferred from the tubes, into the floor and then rises, heating the entire space and all the objects within it. This way of heating provides a steady, even heat without temperature swings and cold spots.

Benefits of in-Floor Radiant Heating Systems

There are many benefits to installing an in-floor radiant heating system. Some of these include:

    • Consistent and Efficient: These systems consume less energy when paired with a high efficiency boiler and provide a steady constant heat.
  • Low Maintenance: While there is maintenance required, once the system is properly set up the maintenance compared to forced air systems is minimal. They also produce little noise compared to forced air heating systems.
  • Free Space: Since there is no ductwork to run, you will not lose ceiling height in your basement or other areas of the home. Also, the boilers feeding the system are much smaller than a conventional system and can be mounted on the wall.