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Air Conditioning

Spurk HVAC offers residential air conditioning solutions to customers in Pittsburgh, Cranberry Township and its surrounding suburbs.

Residential Air Conditioning

When outside air temperatures climb to uncomfortable levels, it becomes impossible to enjoy your home. Despite the use of conventional fans, the most you can hope for is to match the outside temp. Often, the combination of heat and humidity can become unbearable.

Spurk HVAC understands that while you want to enjoy a refreshingly cool home, the purchase price and operating expenses play a massive role in the decision-making process. Rest assured knowing we have the experience and product knowledge to provide precise temperature control while staying within your budget. We partner leading technology with competitive prices to ensure all of our customers are 100% satisfied once the job is complete.

Air conditioning Products & Services:

When it comes to keeping your air conditioner running smoothly, call Spurk HVAC. Today’s equipment requires regular maintenance, not only to insure it is operating efficiently, but in most cases, to adhere with the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines. Regular service will help improve efficiency, decrease the chances of a major break down, increase equipment life span, increase your comfort and ultimately cost less money to run your equipment.