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Why is Spring the Best Time for Air Conditioner Maintenance?

The last thing anyone wants on a hot and humid day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is to deal with a broken air conditioner. Without proper maintenance and preparation, you might find yourself dealing with a costly emergency repair bill at the most inopportune time.

At Spurk HVAC, we’re all too familiar with the headaches that come with a system that’s not ready for the summer workload. In this article, we’ll cover the importance of AC maintenance, the best timing for maintenance, and our advice on the key items that should be checked when hiring a contractor to perform maintenance on your HVAC system.

Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Important?

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensuring optimal efficiency and the long-term reliability of your system. The Department of Energy emphasizes that overlooking regular maintenance on your system can lead to equipment damage and increased energy consumption, potentially resulting in higher utility bills.

When is the Best Time to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Scheduling planned AC maintenance in the spring is ideal when preparing for the summer heat. Before all that strain is placed on your system, hire a reputable company with properly trained technicians to conduct a comprehensive system check to help avoid potential breakdowns.

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our scheduled maintenance includes a thorough 21-point inspection, examining your HVAC system’s key components. Below are a few important items that are inspected.

  • Clean or Replace Air Filters
    Replacing an air filter isn’t difficult and is one of the most important components in an HVAC system. A clean filter will more effectively trap contaminants like dirt, dust, and dander while safeguarding your equipment and preserving indoor air quality.

A dirty air filter can cause reduced airflow, decreased system efficiency, increased utility costs, and potential breakdowns, among other issues.

Pro tip: Unsure which air filter is most suitable for your unit? Explore Spurk HVAC’s online filter store for expert guidance and access to premium-quality filters.

  • Clean and Inspect Coils
    Evaporator and condenser coils work together to provide the cooling relief we love on those hot and humid Southwestern Pennsylvania days. The evaporator coil inside your home removes heat and moisture from the indoor air, while the condenser coil expels the heat outdoors.

Given their pivotal role in the system, it’s unsurprising that the coils can accumulate dirt and debris over months of use, particularly if air filters are not regularly replaced. When the evaporator coil becomes dirty, airflow decreases and humidity increases, compromising heat absorption capability and overall efficiency.

  • Test Condenser Fan Motor Operation
    Unless your home has a heat pump, your outdoor unit has stayed dormant through the winter. Testing this key component ensures smooth operation within the manufacturer’s specifications and is vital to your air conditioner’s performance.
  • Clear Your Condensate Drain and Trap
    Spurk checks the evaporator coil drain for clogs or blockages that could lead to costly property damage. Drain lines should flow smoothly and hold a proper pitch to a floor drain or condensate pump.

Excess water laying in the drain pan due to drain blockages can increase the humidity in your home, potentially causing excessive indoor moisture. This can cause wall, carpet, and furniture discoloration, as well as foster the growth of mold and mildew.

  • Test the Capacitor
    Capacitor failure is one of the leading causes of AC failures. Testing this key component to ensure operation within the manufacturer’s specifications is also critical to your air conditioner’s performance.
  • Check Electrical Connections and Safety Devices
    Checking your air conditioning unit’s electrical system and safety devices is extremely important. This includes inspecting the wiring connections, breakers, and contractors. Checking that wires are well insulated, grounded, and properly fastened, is vital to keeping your family safe and your system running smoothly.

Maintenance checks can identify signs of corrosion and wear in your electrical components. Catching these problems early can prevent bigger issues later on.

Invest in Spurk HVAC’s Comfort Club Membership

By joining the Comfort Club Membership at Spurk HVAC, you can simplify the task of HVAC system maintenance.

Comfort Club members will receive the following advantages:

  • 2 – Twenty-One Point Safety Inspections per year (Heating and Cooling).
  • Reduced dispatch and diagnostics fees.
  • 15% discount on all repair services.
  • Complimentary service reminders.
  • Priority service.
  • Credit towards future system replacement.
  • Discounts on indoor air quality products.
  • And more!

Spurk HVAC’s AC Maintenance Services

Whether your system is brand new or approaching the end of its lifespan, consistent scheduled maintenance is crucial for ensuring optimal performance during the hottest days of the year. While the issues mentioned above are common, Spurk HVAC’s seasoned technicians are well-equipped to inspect, rejuvenate, and if needed, repair any potential issues that may arise. Contact us to schedule your AC maintenance, AC repair, or AC replacement today.

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