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Spurk HVAC began as Dale Spurk Heating and Air Conditioning Services back in 2000. While already working a full-time job in HVAC service and maintenance, Dale began getting requests to service, install and maintain equipment from friends, family, and colleagues. As time went on and his reputation grew, it was clear there was a demand for an HVAC contractor who was willing to build a relationship with its customers and provide excellent service at a fair price. Never did Dale advertise his services but word of mouth was more than enough to keep himself and another employee busy, and most of the time, having to turn down work because there were just not enough hours in the day. Though it was a smaller operation, his focus was on customer satisfaction, staying up to date with industry standards and continued training to ensure existing and future customers received the quality of service they deserved.

Dale’s son Jason got his introduction to the HVAC business when Dale bought equipment from a sheet metal fabrication shop in the late 90’s. He learned to use the equipment and before too long was able to fabricate almost anything that was needed. Jason went on to work for a small local HVAC contractor to learn the trade and gain experience. In 2000, Jason joined the Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #12 and completed his 4-year apprenticeship in 2004. For the next 15 years, Jason worked for one of western Pennsylvania’s largest and most respected union mechanical contractors in many different capacities. Starting in the shop as a fabricator, he moved on to the field as an installer and quickly into management handling projects in commercial, institutional and industrial settings.

At many points throughout this roughly 20-year time span, Dale and Jason discussed partnering up and going into business together. There always seemed to be those one or two factors that were getting in the way of it making perfect sense though. As it turns out, all along Dale was laying the foundation and building a reputation for Spurk HVAC, while Jason was gaining the experience needed to help take the business to the next level. At some point in 2017, those factors that always seemed to get in the way were no longer there, and Spurk HVAC went from an idea and started moving towards reality.


Spurk HVAC was formed in 2018 and is located in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. The combined experience of Dale and Jason, along with the desire to build a respectable, family owned business our community can rely on, are the driving factors behind the formation of Spurk HVAC. Please contact us anytime if you are a customer seeking heating and cooling services. And if you are an energetic worker with experience in the HVAC industry, or someone eager to learn our trade, feel free to contact us through our website, or give us call to discuss how you may fit into our team. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial HVAC services, we look forward to any and all opportunities to become your preferred HVAC contractor.

We are a fully insured and licensed contractor in the State of Pennsylvania. PA #137613


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Spurk HVAC is looking to hire qualified HVAC technicians and installers for residential and commercial projects.


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