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Pittsburgh winters bring harsh bouts of weather that can leave your family vulnerable without the proper heating system in place. Don’t get left in the cold. Follow in the footsteps of millions across our great country who trust in the high efficiency furnace systems to keep their homes safe and comfortable.

As one of the region’s most trusted contractors of forced air heating systems, Spurk HVAC is here to ensure you have the furnace installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services you need to be fully prepared for the bitter winters of Western Pennsylvania.

Furnace Installation & Replacement

The technicians at Spurk HVAC can install and/or replace all forms and brands of furnaces at a customer-friendly cost. We have access to state-of-the-art heating equipment to ensure that the equipment installed or replaced in your home is of the highest quality. With thousands of heating systems installed, Spurk HVAC technicians are ready to tackle any furnace challenges they may face along the way.

Furnace Repair

Spurk HVAC offers unrivaled furnace repair services in Cranberry Twp. and its surrounding areas. When your system breaks down or fails to effectively continue producing heat, call on our trained technicians to diagnose and repair your heating system in a timely manner.

Whatever the case, Spurk HVAC’s service vans are always stocked with common furnace parts and our technicians are always prepared to step in as quickly as possible to make the repairs needed to keep you warm.

Furnace Maintenance

A properly maintained furnace is less likely to fail at a time when you need it the most, in the middle of winter. When a trained technician routinely inspects your furnace, it can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars down-the-road in replacement and repair costs.

You may also be spending more on your utility bills if your furnace is not running at peak performance. Furnace maintenance is the ideal way to increase the life of your furnace and avoid damaging vital components within the system.

Learn more about our furnace inventory by browsing the products we carry.