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What is a Furnace Gas Valve? How Do They Work?

What is a Furnace Gas Valve? How Do They Work? Cover Image

A furnace gas valve is one of the most essential components in a furnace that can make or break the effectiveness of your heating system. However, as crucial as it is, it is not a very talked-about subject. In this article, we’ll provide information about what a furnace gas valve is and how it works.


What is a Furnace Gas Valve?

A furnace gas valve is a huge part of the furnace fuel system. It controls the gas flow from the system to the burners. The gas valve ensures that gas pressure is put on your furnace so that it stays lit and running.

Without a well-working furnace gas valve, you will have no proper heat. Therefore, an effective furnace gas valve is crucial in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.


How Do They Work?

Furnace and Home Heating Systems: The Complete Beginner's Guide

A gas valve on the furnace helps provide proper heating and ensure safe delivery.

There are two types of valves: single-stage gas and two-stage gas valve. The former was common in an earlier furnace design. The latter is more modern and has more efficient features that can solve many of the problems that come with a single-stage gas valve.

A single-stage gas valve comes with only two settings (on and off) and uses a solenoid to regulate the gas flow. When it’s turned on, it’ll blow heat in full force. This can result in many issues, such as wasting too much energy by blasting the heat at full capacity at once and short cycling (when your furnace turns off too frequently due to an inefficient heating process).

With a two-stage gas valve, the system works more automatically. It has two settings (high fire and low fire) that can prevent the issues you see with a single-stage valve. The two-stage gas valve can quickly switch to the different modes according to the changes in the thermostat.

So, for example, if you set your furnace on a low fire and the house isn’t heating as expected, the system will change modes to get to the desired heat. It also works the other way when your home heating has reached the maximum, it switches back to low fire mode.


Why Are They Important?

A furnace gas valve is essential in delivering effective heat to your home. Problems with a furnace gas valve can result in a total shutdown of the furnace system or worse, it can cause a gas leak, which poses serious health hazards to the people at home.

If not taken care of properly, an insufficient furnace system can also cause your heating bill to spike. You can prevent a faulty furnace gas valve by ensuring proper maintenance by professionals.


How Spurk HVAC Services Can Help Maintain Them

Dealing with a component as meticulous as a furnace gas valve requires expertise and experience. At Spurk HVAC, we have a team of experts that can help you fix any issues you may have with your furnace. Our complete package of services covers all you need to help maintain your furnace and keep it in pristine condition.

Contact Spurk HVAC immediately if you notice that your furnace gas valve is not operating properly. We’ll arrange for our team to inspect and fix the gas valve to ensure it’s still efficient and safe to operate in your home!