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A Quick Guide To Understanding HVAC Energy Efficiency Ratings

As a homeowner, understanding HVAC energy efficiency ratings can be technical and confusing, but it is a crucial aspect of any heating or cooling system. These ratings directly impact the amount of energy used and determine the monthly cost of your bill. By selecting an energy-efficient system, consumers can save on energy bills and minimize […]

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Benefits of Having Regular Safety Inspections with Spurk HVAC’s Membership

Spurk’s Regular Safety Inspections If you are looking for good deals, look no further! We’re happy to inform you that our membership program offers you the best value for regular safety inspections in town. You’ll have your HVAC system handled by qualified technicians with no hassle and at the best price. Read on to learn […]

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Benefits of a New Air Conditioner

When your air conditioner hits the 10-year mark or if your unit is nickel and diming you with constant repairs. It’s time to start thinking about a new cooling system. Though you know a new AC will bring you many years of cool air. Not all Pittsburgh area homeowners know to expect the many additional […]

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