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Service Your Furnace

Why You Should Service Your Furnace Now

It’s that time of year again when the air starts to chill and fall is in the air, but also it is time for you to service your furnace.  Fall should be treated as a warning sign, not just because winter is right around the corner, but because you don’t want things to get worse while you wait until next year or even later than that! Here are a handful of reasons why fall is the best time for you to service your furnace. 

Service Your Furnace While It Is Still Mild Outside

As the weather turns colder, your furnace will be called into service more frequently. That’s why it is best to get things done while it is still warm outside and you aren’t in a rush to get your unit running for winter. The longer you wait, the worse off you could potentially be when your thermostat calls the furnace for heat. Imagine leaving your car sitting for 5 months and starting it up for the first time. Chances are, it will need some sort of maintenance.

service your furnace

HVAC Shops Aren’t As Busy

October and November are not as busy for HVAC companies. That means that your call will be prioritized. Don’t wait until something catastrophic happens to make the call, service your furnace now while HVAC professionals have the time to cater to your needs. 

Service Your Furnace Now- HVAC are not as busy

Supply Chain Issues

As the US (and the world) is coming out of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our industry is not unique in the sense that some parts, materials, and units are subjected to supply chain issues. In case your unit is affected by a slow supply chain, it’s best any needed parts are ordered now. This way, if there is a couple of week turnaround time, the parts could be in before you need to turn your furnace on for the first time.

Service your furnace now- supply chain issues


It’s Responsible,

and good for your wallet. As we’ve previously touched on, it’s good to get for you to service your furnace in the fall so you’re ready for winter. If problems pop up during a tuneup or service call, they can be addressed before you turn your furnace on and potentially avoid additional costs later down the road. With winter coming, now is the perfect time to schedule your furnace service. Fall offers a great opportunity for homeowners to take care of this task before it becomes difficult or expensive. You can save yourself time and money by having your heating system serviced today rather than later in the season when you are less likely to have an option with availability.

service your furnace


Spurk HVAC offers unrivaled furnace repair services in Cranberry Twp. and its surrounding areas. When your system breaks down or fails to effectively continue producing heat, call on our trained technicians to diagnose and repair your heating system in a timely manner. Give us a call at 724-766-8105 or click “Book Now” anywhere on our site if you want more information about how we can help keep your home comfortable all year long!

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