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Purchase Air Filters from Spurk HVAC’s New Online Store

Convenience at Your Fingertips with Spurk HVAC

We have exciting news!

We’re thrilled to unveil the newest addition to our services at Spurk HVAC—a brand new online air filter store right on our website.

Why the change? It’s simple: We wanted to make life easier for our loyal customers. Now, accessing our air filters is more convenient, efficient, and budget-friendly than ever before.

We understand the importance of regular air filter changes for every homeowner. That’s why we’ve simplified the process. With just a few clicks on our website, ordering your air filters is a breeze. Plus, set up automatic deliveries for hassle-free replenishments—your filters will arrive at your doorstep within a day or two.

By choosing Spurk HVAC for your air filters, you’re not only investing in cleaner air but also showing support for a local small business dedicated to our Southwestern Pennsylvania community. We’re here for you, focusing on your needs, not driven by corporate agendas.

Join us on this journey to revolutionize home maintenance. Opt for air filters from Spurk HVAC and experience unmatched convenience firsthand.

“Empowering our customers to effortlessly maintain their homes while supporting our local community is at the heart of our new online air filter store. With Spurk HVAC, convenience meets commitment—to you and to our community.”

-Jason Spurk, President


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Spurk HVAC was formed in 2018 and is located in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. We proudly serve Cranberry Twp., Wexford, Gibsonia, Mars, and the surrounding areas.
We service American Standard, Trane, Carrier, Bryant, Rheem. Lennox, Goodman, Rudd, Daikin, and more. Contact us if you are seeking heating repair, heating system replacement, air conditioner repair, air conditioning maintenance, air conditioning replacement, or any other heating & cooling services. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial HVAC services, we look forward to any and all opportunities to become your preferred HVAC contractor.

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Spurk HVAC

Spurk HVAC

Spurk HVAC was formed in 2018 and is located in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. The combined experience of Dale and Jason, along with the desire to build a respectable, family owned business our community can rely on, are the driving factors behind the formation of Spurk HVAC.
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