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Is It Time To Repair Or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Repair Or Replace Your AC? Spurk HVAC

In another post, The Million Dollar Question, we talked about when it’s time to think about replacing your air conditioner and furnace at the same time and when it’s a good idea to stagger the replacement.

We’re going to take that post a step further and focus on both your air conditioner and furnace individually.

First at-bat, your air conditioner.

What are the facts?

The first thing you need to do when asking yourself if you should get your air conditioner repaired or replaced is gather facts.

  • How old is the unit?

Since your air conditioner is a mechanical piece, age is arguably the most important factor when you’re gathering facts.

Could you continue to keep a 1985 Chevy Nova running…wait…don’t answer that. Could you keep a 2001 Chevy Cavalier running? Yeah, probably. But as time continues to march on and parts become harder to find, is it worth it? Our rule of thumb is that any unit over 10 years old is a candidate to (at least) consider replacing.

On the other hand, if your unit is only 5 years old and hasn’t given you any problems, a repair would most likely be the best route for you to take.

  • How much does it cost to run?

Another big factor when asking yourself the repair vs. replace question is the cost to operate. If you’re choosing not to run your current unit because it’ll cost you and arm and a leg when the utilities are due, it may be worth it to consider replacing your current air conditioner.

Modern technology is rapidly advancing in nearly every facet of our lives and is leading the charge in terms of efficiency and convenience. HVAC technology is no different: American Standard 20 SEER Communicating Units, Mitsubishi Mini-Splits with Kumo Cloud, smart phone connectivity, smart variable speed motors, wifi connected thermostats, etc.

If your unit is over 10 years old, just think about how fast technology has advanced in just 10 short years. 10 years ago, you would’ve probably been reading this on a desktop. Now, according to our last analytics report, 78% of you reading this are doing so on a mobile device aka the computer in your pocket.

If you’re interested in any of the latest and greatest in HVAC tech. Get a hold of us here at Spurk HVAC. We’re an American Standard Customer Care Dealer and a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor.

  •  Has the unit been a money pit with small repairs?

How often do you keep wanting to repair your unit? If every year or every couple of months something else is going wrong, you may be spending more collectively trying to keep your unit going. Save that money and apply it towards a new system.

Other considerations

  • R-22

If an A/C unit requires additional refrigerant it signals there’s a coolant leak.

Topping off a system with R-22 refrigerant, known as Freon, costs as much as $40 to more than $175 per pound — and prices are climbing. In our article, The Skinny on R-22 Refrigerant and Why You Should Care. We explain what exactly R-22 is, why it’s so expensive, and where it’s going.

Fixing the leak and putting in several pounds of refrigerant can cost $550 to $1,000, roughly. In our experience, when we have to add refrigerant to a leaking system, the compressor will be the next to go.

Repairing a leak, adding refrigerant and replacing a compressor can cost about the same as buying a new unit.

About Spurk HVAC

Spurk HVAC was formed in 2018 and is located in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. We proudly serve Cranberry Twp., Wexford, Gibsonia, Mars, and the surrounding areas. We are an American Standard Customer Care Dealer and a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor. We service all makes and models. Please contact us if you are seeking  air conditioner repairair conditioning maintenanceair conditioning replacementheating repairheating system replacement, or any other heating & cooling services. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial HVAC services, we look forward to any and all opportunities to become your preferred HVAC contractor.

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