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Home Energy Audit

DIY Home Energy Audit

A shift in outside temperatures means a change in our HVAC usage, so a transition is a great time to do a home energy audit to determine whether your home is using its energy in the most efficient way possible.

Do It Yourself Home Energy Audit

With any home energy audit the goal is to make better use of the energy expended to heat and cool your home. No one likes having to pay for things they aren’t using, and the same goes for for the energy in our homes. Overall overall the benefits of an audit not only impact your pocketbook you can also help reveal answers to common problems like allergies. Smells or equipment wearing out quickly. A home energy assessment is available from professionals but there are also simple steps that you can take to start finding answers now.

Home Energy Audit Checklist

Use our checklist to start performing your home energy audit today:

Review Previous Bills

Take a look at previous energy bills to see if you if a steady increase is noted month to month. This is an indication that your home is expending more energy overtime to provide the same level of comfort. Keep in mind that these changes could also be the result of external weather changes that naturally alert your energy usage. If there are no external factors that have impacted your energy costs, it is very likely that somewhere in your home heating and cooling energy is being wasted.

Find Air Leaks

Common culprit of energy waste is air leaks in your home. These can be found in your windows, doorways, baseboards, and for edges. Check there areas for drafts that may be allowing cold air in, or for cooked air to escape. Look around the outside of your home for leaks as well, especially at junctures where two rows of building materials meet, as these are particularly vulnerable areas. Use the appropriate material to seal these links like caulk, or in the case of windows and doors, draft catchers and similar products.

Check Vents and Filters

When air filters are dirty or vents blocked by furniture or debris, you’ll end up cranking up your system to get the desired results. Be sure to move all furniture away from air vents to ensure proper air flow around your home so that the heated or cool air can get to where you need it. Having clean filters is another way to help your system work smarter and not harder, as well as positively impact your indoor air quality. Don’t forget to stay vent openings regularly to eliminate allergens and blockage!

Check Your Insulation

All homes are required to have appropriate insulation installed, but if your home is older, what qualified when it was built might be well under the states set today. Feel your walls and ceilings for signs of cold that would indicate your house is under insulated. Fixing insulations problems is a job best left to professionals, but investing time in eliminating leaks and cleaning you filters and vents can help make better use of your energy.

If your audit reveals few issues but there is still a discrepancy in your bill, it could be time to get you heating or cooling systems checked for maintenance to ensure they are operating efficiently. A company like Spurk HVAC is ready to provide you with high quality service that will leave you happy and comfortable.