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Case Study: Mitsubishi Electric & Uber ATG Pittsburgh

Mitsubishi Electric - Uber ATG - Spurk HVAC

Aged architecture is something you will not find a shortage of in the Greater Pittsburgh region. These buildings contain elegant moldings, exceptional masonry, handmade designs, quality construction, and of course, Pittsburgh forged steel. These old buildings are what marries Pittsburgh’s past to it’s future and what tie us to our industrial roots. The people of this region can build anything. Uber is one of the many technology companies to embrace this and now Uber’s Advanced technologies Group (ATG) calls our beloved steel city home.

When Uber decided to build their Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) autonomous vehicle research facility in downtown Pittsburgh, they knew building automation was needed. Our friends at Mitsubishi Electric decided to put together a case study on Uber ATG’s move, their build, and how Mitsubishi’s advanced technology can turn our most historical buildings into modern wonders of comfort and style.

At Uber ATG’s facility, vehicle testing garages sit side-by-side with state-of-the-art conference rooms and office space. This drove the need for zone control and specialized ventilation. Mitsubishi Electric was able to deliver a single-source for all their HVAC, ventilation and controls needs with CITY MULTI® Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), PremiSys® Fusion Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS), and Diamond Controls™ Solutions. The result has been seamless building control and occupant comfort. Download the PDF to read the case study. You’ll hear from the UBER ATG facilities team, the distributor and a representative from Mitsubishi Electric’s Controls Solutions Team.

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