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5 Symptoms Of A Bad Heat Exchanger

5 Symptoms Of A Bad Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is a crucial component in heating and cooling systems. They are responsible for transferring heat safely and effectively. A faulty heat exchanger can cause several issues, including overheating, energy loss, and system failure. 

To prevent these problems, the system must be well-maintained. In this article, you will learn more about the symptoms of a bad heat exchanger to help you spot issues and prevent them from becoming more significant.   


The Purpose of a Heat Exchanger 

 Bad Heat Exchanger: What is a Heat Exchanger?

Before diving in, one might ask, what is a heat exchanger? To put it simply, a heat exchanger is a mechanism in your furnace or heating system that quite literally exchanges the heat.

It takes heat from one substance such as water or oil, depending on the operation of your system, and exchanges it for the heat that is pushed out throughout the building. 

Heat exchangers play a pivotal role in the operation of the system and enhancing energy efficiency and reducing energy loss.  Moreover, heat exchangers are also helpful in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting sustainability.  

5 Easy Tells That The Heat Exchanger Is Going Bad

Here are the 5 indications that you may have a bad heat exchanger:

Strange noises: Rattling, whistling, and other disturbing noises that continue over a period of time are obvious signs of a bad heat exchanger.

Change in flame color: Your furnace’s flame should be blue. If you see any other colors, such as yellow or orange, this can indicate a heat exchanger is going bad. 

Reduced efficiency: If your system is struggling to heat or cool your homes, this may indicate that your heat exchanger is going bad. Furthermore, if you notice a constant increase in your energy bill this may signal energy loss or leaks in your system. 

Corrosion: A heat exchanger has metal surfaces that can rust over time. This piece can corrode and cause it to not operate properly. 

Odd smell: Sometimes when a heat exchange is starting to go bad, it will give off a strong odor. 

If you start to notice any of these issues with your system or specifically your heat exchanger, it is always best to contact Spurk HVAC  and have it fixed right away.  


Why Having Proper Maintenance Is Important

 Bad Heat Exchanger: Why you need a professional

Proper maintenance is necessary to keep all the system’s components, including a heat exchanger, in optimal condition. It is important to keep up with regular inspections so that you can prevent significant damage to your system and catch small issues before they become bigger problems. 


A heat exchanger is an important piece of any furnace or HVAC system, therefore professionals recommend yearly inspections, especially if your heating equipment is 10+ years old. 


At Spurk HVAC, we have a qualified team to help effectively fix any issues with your heating and cooling systems! We even offer a maintenance program to ensure that your your systems are being taken care of an a timely basis.

When you become a Comfort Club member you will have access to the following services:

  • Two (2): 21 Point Safety Inspections per year: Keeping you Safe and Comfortable all
  • year round.
  • No Dispatch Fee (ever): For services booked during normal business hours.
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  • Free Service Reminders: We’ll remind you when it’s time.
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  • $50 Yearly Credit: To apply towards that new HVAC system when the time comes.
  • Lifetime Repair Warranty: You never pay for the same repair twice.
  • 1′′ Filter Replacement: Discounts on larger media filters.
  • Access to Member Only Specials: Because saving money is smart.

Click “Book Now” anywhere on our site, call us, or submit your information here to sign up.

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