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Air Conditioning FAQ


At Spurk HVAC, we are fully transparent in our services and pricing. We don’t believe in surprising our customers with last minute charges or deceitful scare tactics to squeeze more money out of you. Prior to starting any service or installation, we do our very best to answer any questions or concerns you might have. We want you to be as comfortable moving forward with us as possible.

To better serve our customers and those considering calling us, we’ve compiled this resource of frequently asked questions about our air conditioning services. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, give us a call at 724.766.8105 and we’d be more than happy to talk to you one on one.

What Goes Into Installing a New AC System?

Installing air conditioning in a home that’s never had central air requires the addition of a few major components.

An indoor evaporator coil will need to be installed on your existing furnace or air handler. Outside the home the air conditioner or condenser will be installed typically on the side or the back of the house. From there you have refrigeration lines that connect the two units, electrical lines that power the equipment and drains to carry away the condensate water.

In most cases your air conditioning is up and running the same day the install is started.

How Does Central Air Conditioning Work?

The air conditioner in a central heating and cooling system provides cool air through ductwork inside your home, by providing a process that draws out the warm air inside, removing its heat.
In a split system, the compressor condenses and circulates the refrigerant through the outdoor unit, changing it from a gas to a liquid. The liquid is then forced through the indoor evaporator coil or cooling compartment. The indoor unit’s fan circulates the inside air to pass across the evaporator fins. The evaporator’s metal fins exchange the thermal energy with the air around it. There, the refrigerant turns from liquid into vapor, removing any heat from the surrounding air. As the heat is removed from the air, the air is cooled and blown back into the house.
From that point, the condenser or outdoor unit then turns the refrigerant vapor back into a liquid, removing any heat. By the time the fluid leaves the evaporator again, it is a cool, low-pressure gas, eventually returning to the condenser to begin its trip all over again. This process continues again and again until your home reaches the cooling temperature you want, as programmed and sensed by your thermostat setting.

Why Should I Replace an Old AC?

If you’re making frequent service calls for air conditioning repairs, your system probably doesn’t have many years left. The repairs don’t even need to be major. Different parts and components will break down the harder the system works. These repairs may seem relatively benign, but anytime a service tech comes to your door it’s more money out of your pocket.

Instead of continuing to dump money into repairing a failing system that’s probably not running very efficiently anyway, it sometimes makes more sense to invest in a new air conditioner.

While the initial investment might be scary, you’ll be saving money in the long run. Your system will run more efficiently, which will lower your monthly electric bills. You’ll also have peace of mind that your new air conditioner has a warranty and if a repair is needed, there should be no out of pocket expenses.

Even if your air conditioner is working and it’s over ten years old, you might want to consider replacing it with a more energy efficient unit. A new AC can be up to 60% more efficient than a system purchased just a decade ago. Installing an Energy Star approved air conditioner has significantly reduced the electric bills of many Spurk HVAC customers.

How Do I Select a new Air Conditioner?

There are many air conditioning systems to choose from. When you work with Spurk HVAC, you have our vast knowledge and familiarity with different AC brands at your disposal.

Our technicians service and install air conditioners from all major manufacturers including American Standard, Mitsubishi, Carrier, Rheem, Bryant, Goodman, Ruud, Lennox, and Trane.

We will assess factors like the size of your home, its age, number of rooms, utility costs, available tax incentives, rebate programs and your budget to find the best system to suit your needs.

To help you with your selection, our specialists utilize the latest technologies in addition to considering the above factors to assist you in choosing the best cooling system for your home.

What Are Some of the Other Benefits of Central AC?

In addition to central air keeping you and your family cool on hot and muggy days, the air you breathe inside your home will also be cleaner if you choose to add a high efficiency air cleaner. These filters remove dust, lint, and airborne particles. More advanced filters also remove microscopic pollutants and help reduce mold, bacteria, pollen, asthma and allergy triggers, pet dander and viruses.

Quieter operation is another benefit of a new air conditioner. Most new air conditioners operate at a fraction of the noise level of older units.

How Long Will a New Air Conditioner Unit Last?

Although an air conditioner’s life expectancy varies depending on the brand and model, most new systems installed today if properly maintained should last 10 to 15 years. This again depends on how hard the system is run and how well it’s maintained through the years. In fact, an air conditioner that’s well-maintained may live well beyond that projected lifespan.

Is Annual AC Maintenance Necessary?

Just like your automobile, or any other piece of equipment that sees heavy usage and has many moving parts, it is going to need maintenance. Yearly maintenance is not only required to adhere to manufacturers warranty guidelines, but it will also help insure your equipment is running at peak efficiency when you need it.

By having a qualified technician check your system every year, small problems can be caught and addressed before they become costly emergency repairs.


Spurk HVAC provides AC repairs, air conditioner installation, and air conditioning maintenance. Call us today at 724.766.8105 for the best and most reliable HVAC services in town.