Heat Your  Pole Barn

Does your pole  barn need heated?

In Western Pennsylvania,  pole barns are a common sight  and are a great addition to  your property. To make these buildings usable year-round, adding HVAC systems for pole barns provides the climate control you need through all four seasons. Whether you're woodworking, working on cars, crafting, or something else -- Why would you settle for being uncomfortable?  What options are available  for heating and cooling pole barns? Keep clicking to find out.

Forced air heating is a great choice for pole barns.  They require ductwork and  will need an installed furnace  or heat pump to supply the interior space with heated air when called for.

Forced Air Heating

These systems often provide heating in new expansions without the need to install a  duct system. When using a ductless HVAC system, one or more interior air handling units  are installed on the walls of a  pole barn, and are connected to an exterior heat pump through a line set that runs through the exterior wall.

Ductless Mini-Splint

Radiant heating provides  warmth to objects directly through installation done below  the floorboards. This is often a more efficient choice for pole barns that will have doors or windows opened often.

Radiant In-Floor

Surface or ceiling mounted radiant heat panels provide primary, supplemental, or zoned heat throughout your pole barn. This warms up the space quickly once turned on and it oftentimes less expensive.

Ceiling Mounted Heat