Why You Should Service Your Furnace Now!

Have you thought about servicing your furnace lately?

Believe it or not, fall is right around the corner! This means it is also time for one of the most important tasks for homeowners: getting your furnace serviced.  Here are a handful of reasons why fall is the best time to get your furnace serviced.

As the weather turns colder, your furnace will be called into service more frequently. That's why it is  best to get things done while it is still warm outside, so you aren't in  a rush to get your unit up and running for winter.

It's Still Mild Outside 

In-between seasons are not  as busy for HVAC companies.  That means that your call will  be prioritized. Don't wait until  it's called and have to wait days  (or weeks) to have a technician visit your home.

HVAC Shops Aren't  As Busy

Our industry is not unique in the sense that some parts, materials,  and units are subjected to supply chain issues. In case your unit is affected by a slow supply chain,  it's best any needed parts are ordered now!

Supply Chain Issues

The less you service your furnace  the more prone it is to breaking or wearing down. To save money in the long run, service your furnace now before it is too late!

Save Money