How To Improve 

Air Quality  In The House

How safe is the air inside your home?

Do you ever sit back and ask yourself, "how safe is the air in my home?" The truth is, air pollution in your home can be just as bad, if not worse, than it is outdoors. The average  American spends 87% of  their life indoors, so you’d think that indoor air quality would be something we’d hear about more often.  Don't worry. Today, we are going to offer some simple ways you can increase the air quality in. your home!

Your HVAC system is always working to give your home that perfect temperature all year round. But while they’re cycling through all that air, they’re filtering out some of those common air pollutants. Eventually, their air filters fill up and stop doing their job. Be sure to change your filters regularly!

Change Your Air Filters

If you really want to improve the  air quality in your home, be sure  to check the filters in your other household appliances. Your vacuum cleaner, dryer, and kitchen vents should all be inspected and maintained periodically.  It’s recommended to clean or  replace these common household filters every few months.

Clean ALL The Filters

Many indoor air pollutants come from the kitchen. Gas stoves and electric burners release harmful contaminants, including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. When cooking, be sure to turn on your kitchen vents, or open a window to help filter out the air even more.

Use Cooking Vents

Ducts that are not installed properly  or maintained can distribute contaminants from one room  to another. Over time, dust, dander, and even mold can accumulate in your ducts, reducing the overall air quality. Hire a professional to make sure your ducts are circulating fresh, clean air.

Check Your Air Ducts

Humid and moist conditions breed mold and mildew that can trigger respiratory issues like allergies  and asthma. There are a variety of humidifier and dehumidifier options that will help maintain consistent humidity levels and create comfortable living conditions in  your home.

Use a dehumidifier

Plants are nature’s natural air filters. Buying a few indoor plants can do wonders to improve the indoor air quality in your home. As an added bonus, house plants are proven mood boosters! Small plants like ferns, bamboo, English ivy, weeping fig, and larger palm trees are excellent options to pull contaminants out of the air.

Buy Indoor Plants