The Top 3 Most Common Heat Pump Problems

Is your heat pump causing issues? 

Like all things mechanical, your heat pump may need some maintenance.  Maybe it won’t turn on, or it no longer heats properly.  But, do not fret! Today we are going to talk about the most common heat pump problems, as well as possible explanations   for these issues.

If your heat pump won’t turn on  at all, it’s likely caused by one of these common issues:

#1 The Heat Pump Will Not Turn On

Thermostat issues

Power loss

Broken reversing valve

Broken starter capacitor

If your heat pump is not blowing hot air, there are typically three main causes:

#2 The Heat Pump Is Not Heating

The unit is blocked

The air filter is dirty

Refrigerant charge is low

If your heat pump is  constantly running, there are likely three main causes:

#3 The Heat Pump Is Constantly Running

Unusually cold weather

Thermostat problems

Broken compressor contractor

At the end of the day,  whenever you run into a problem with your heat pump, it is always important to call  a professional! 

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