What To Do When Your 

Heat Pump Is Covered In Ice

Is Your Heat Pump Covered In Ice? 

If you check on your heat  pump and find that the is covered in ice, don’t panic!  This is normal during periods of cold weather, like the winter months in Pennsylvania. Today, we are going to give you some quick tips on how to handle this exact situation. Keep clicking to learn more.

When the heat pump is working to heat your home, it’s normal for a bit of frost to form on the coils.  This happens when the pump generates heat, the refrigerant turns to gas and then condenses when it meets the outdoor coil.  In winter temperatures, this condensation will freeze.  That’s why the pump also has a defrosting function.

It Is Normal To  Have Frost

A well-running heat pump works in cycles. Periodically,  the coil will collect a layer of frost or thin ice when it’s  cold outside. Then, when the unit reaches a certain point,  the defrost cycle should automatically switch on. As long as the condensing fan motor can pull air into the unit, there is no need to worry.

They Work In Cycles

While frost on the coil is common, a unit encased in ice is a serious matter and should be addressed immediately to avoid serious damage and energy loss.

When Is It Time To Call A Professional?

if any of these scenarios explain your situation, call the professionals!

The entire heat pump unit is frozen over.

It has been frozen over for a long period of time.

Air is not being pulled into the fins of the unit.

The top of the unit and inner coil seems to be covered in ice.

The defrost cycle does not seem to be activating.






Signs You Should  Call A Professional