Common Condenser Problems  and How To Avoid Them

What is a condenser unit?

Before we talk about what can go wrong with your condenser unit, it’s important to understand what the condenser unit is. The condenser unit is where the heat from your home is transferred to the air outside.  Without it, the heat from your home would have nowhere to go and the temperatures would stay warm. Keep clicking to learn how you can avoid issues with your condenser.

Learn how to avoid them

Blocked Airflow

Dirty Coils

Refrigerant Leak

Thermostat Problems

Fan Problems






Common  Condenser Problems


Airflow problems that lead to coils freezing are often caused by the clogged air filters.

Replace Dirty  Air Filters

Eliminate issues with older control systems by installing new thermostats, which are more precise and save energy. You can even get thermostats that can be controlled remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

When the condenser and outdoor  fan unit gets clogged with leaves, trash, and dirt, the unit can’t expel heat as effectively.

Clear Brush & Debris From Around The Unit

Virtually all of the most common causes of air conditioner  problems can be easily prevented with regular maintenance. 

Don't  Neglect Regular Maintenance

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