5 Facts About 

Air Filters  & Allergies

Don’t you just love spring? If you have allergies, probably not.

When the pollen count is out of control, all you want to do is hide in an air-conditioned room until fall. Unfortunately, that probably won’t help. You might think your air conditioning system will remove those nasty allergens from the air. But without the right air filters for allergies, you’ll still be sniffling and sneezing your way through the season in your home! Continue clicking to learn more about air filters facts!

Regular HVAC filters protect  the equipment, not your lungs, and sinuses.  The purpose of HVAC filters is to keep dust out of the equipment to prevent damage to the system and keep it running efficiently.

FACT #1 

Ordinary paper filters can’t  trap allergens.  Those paper filters ordinarily used in your furnace and air conditioner are designed to trap large particles like dust that can accumulate on the motor and fans and reduce efficiency.



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All HEPA filters are not  created equal. Unfortunately, looking for a HEPA filter for your air conditioner is not good enough. To get the best results, you need to check the MERV ratings.

FACT #3 

You need to change those filters more frequently than you think. HEPA air filters for allergies  need to be changed more frequently than ordinary paper HVAC filters, especially during  the high pollen season.


The right filter is only half  the story. Using the right air filters for allergies help to reduce  the allergens in the air, but don’t forget about cleaning it from the rest of your HVAC system.